An Abode of Saṅgīta, Nāṭya, and Yoga

Brahmavidya is a twenty-five-year-old foundation for development, promotion, and research in Indian arts with an emphasis on Indian dancing.  We believe that the Indian arts are forms of ‘brahmavidya’ in their plurality, function, and destination, and also that all art is a mode of worship of Truth, Auspiciousness, and Beauty.  Our activities extend to the promotion of all Indian arts and teaching, practice, and propagation of its supportive empowerments like Yoga and Samskrta.

Brahmavidya was established in the year 1989 with noble thoughts of entirely dedicating itself to the promotion and dissemination of Indian Arts – both classical and all other forms.  The main activity of the institution is the teaching of classical arts of Bharatanatyam and Karnataka Music, it has also conducted many mini-seminars, workshops, and lecture demonstrations by the visiting scholars and musicians.  The institution has a student strength of more than one hundred pupils from India and abroad learning dancing and music. The institution is giving special training in Bharatanatyam and Indian Classical Music to Physically Handicapped Students.  In institution offers tuition and other facilities to most of them and also other deserving pupils whose financial background makes it very difficult for them to continue to learn these divine arts.  Since its inception, the institution has decided to teach Bharatanatyam (up to junior grade) free of charge to all who come aspiring for it.  The institution has proposals to establish more bases in and around Karnataka for teaching and propagating true Indian art and values.  Our institution has conducted many National level cultural activities like useful seminars, conferences, art–workshops, art–festivals, Folk and tribal cultural events.

We are glad to report that we have taken up a very special project of Acquisition of books, Manuscripts, Instrumentarium, equipment, etc. that are of immense and immediate use to our students. We have also formulated and set in motion a very prestigious Gurukula project ‘Upayukta Bharata’. This is a composite mode of imparting both theory and performing knowledge of especially Classical Music and Dancing.  We have an expert consulting team who guide us to formulate all these.  Upayukta Bharata curriculum has Music, Dance, Yoga, Traditional Indian Theatre techniques, Modern Choreography, in-depth research, the recreation of the past cultural content, and contemporization.  Upayukta Bharata is both inter– and intra–disciplinal in nature.

The Brahmavidya is engaged in many projects of research, interpretation, and performance.  The Dept. of Culture, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and Human Research and Development Ministry of Government of India sponsor many of these. 

Another milestone in the achievements of the institution is the construction of a Bharata Shala, in Mysore.  Starting from its Bhoomi pooja to Shala Pravesha functions were conducted as according to the Prescriptions of Natya Shastra of Bharatamuni. Presently our Bharata Shala has a large Natya shala and two well-equipped rooms in which music classes are conducted and later used by our in-house students as their home (guru–griha).

One of its prestigious cultural events is a memorial art festival to commemorate the birthday celebrations of His Highness the late Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, Maharaja of Mysore, and the last ruler of Karnataka on the 18th of July, every year at Jaganmohana Palace Auditorium, Mysore.  His Excellency Sri T.N.Chaturvedi, Governor of Karnataka inaugurated the function. And since then many stalwarts like Vice-chancellor of Dravidian Univesity, Minister in Government of India Sri K.H.Muniyappa, Padmavibhushana Dr. Kasturirangan, chairman, ISRO  have inaugurated these festivals and have received our felicitations on this occasion.

We have conducted, with the prestigious association with Central Institute for Indian Languages, Government of India, Mysore, the pioneering venture called ‘Vakyartha Sabha’ pertaining to the classical texts on Indian music and dance.  This was hailed in the scholastic fraternity as a very worthy and pioneering effort by our institution.

Our institution is now affiliated to Dravidian University, Kuppam, AP as a College for Distant and continuing education in fine arts. This has enabled young and talented aspirants and research scholars of our state to receive the various prestigious degrees and certificates offered by that University.

Academic Facilities in Brahmavidya 

Our institution is highly academically oriented.  We believe that academic excellence leads to performance standards.  We are endowed with a huge library of Indological books and manuscripts which was hitherto in the collection of our guide and mentor Mahamahopadhyaya, Academi Rathna Dr. R.Sathyanarayana, an internationally renowned research scholar and interpreter of Indian culture.

We have more than 7000 books whose contents range from Indian Music, Western Music, Chinese Music (oriental), Indian Musicological and danceological Textual treatises, Manuscripts on Haridasa music, tantra, mantra, yantra (Shaktagama), Ramayana and Mahabharata, ancient Manuals on Indian Music and Dance, etc.  All these manuscripts are on Paper, Palm leaf.  We have preserved them in our administrative building.